It’s Accessible selected by Google for Physical Web pilot test

I am pleased to tell you that this project has been chosen to be part of the pilot of the new Physical web technology pilot test.

Thanks to the talk about this concept taught in Barcelona DevFest 2015 Andreu Ibáñez could apply part of this testing and the selected receive a kit with 10 beacons and a Intel Edison to work with Arduino boards.

What’s that?

Physical Web is the Google sponsored Open Source project to interact with the Internet of Things, or better said how to the IoT interacts with us and our mobile devices


Thanks to these gadgets, (beacons) that are sending information via Bluetooth, give us the ability to access a web address just view the notification or message that will show us our mobile. Thus something we are close, establishment, monument, street or other thing like this that, take us if we click on the link to a website with more information. Is to provide something physical capacity to carry it anywhere on the Internet and the possibilities are endless.

For what are we going to use?

With these beacons, we will be able to know the accessibility of the places near by us. We will put these devices in places within the rating scale to Medium or High values according to the Its Accessible platform and saying also what you can do in that space.


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